Barbour Christmas

The concept for Barbour's 2015 Christmas campaign was to build a microsite through which users could write why they thought their loved ones deserved a daily prize. The website combined clean front-end interactions with a stable, well-architected back-end in Laravel.

Barbour Christmas

For Barbour’s 2015 Christmas campaign, the Thinking Juice team & built a competition microsite that gained over forty thousand entries. The project was my first exposure to building a scalable back-end in Laravel and since its launch I’ve gone on to learn a great deal about how to build applications with the framework.

I learned a great deal including how to correctly define a database schema, choosing the correct column types and normalising. It was also important that we defined the correct relationships in our application code and returned appropriate HTTP responses.

One aspect of the project I really enjoyed was writing IP-based Geolocation middleware, which used a third party composer package. The middleware allowed us to distinguish between British and German users and thus serve different versions of the site.

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