Lessons from side projects (cont'd)

The size of the problem dictates the size of the solution required.

I wrote a recent article about my inability to complete a lot of the side projects I start. It’s something I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about and am working towards solving. The article I wrote suggested that there wasn’t anything wrong with the ideas, but that I should focus on smaller, more achievable tasks.

I think I’m most of the way there with this thinking, but I’m coming at the problem from the wrong angle. For a lot of project ideas to work, even for an MVP, there’s a baseline for getting something off the ground. You might measure this in the number of lines of code written or hours spent working on it, but it varies from project to project. My error is in thinking that I can simply decide what my level of commitment should be - the size of the project dictates how long I must spend on it before I have something to show.

I’m still very much of the mindset that there are simpler iterations of a project before an MVP, but how simple these can be is dictated by the problem one’s trying to solve.